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Carbonite, an online backup service, has recently won the Silver Stevie Award and is recognized for the company’s accomplishments and efforts. This achievement is a huge success, but many are still unaware of what Carbonite has to offer to its consumers. Carbonite is a cloud-based service that provides a data storage solution for individuals and any small business. Backing up files and data in the Cloud has many advantages over backing up locally. First, it stores your files off-site so if a disaster hits, your data will be safe and secure in the Cloud. Also files stored in the Cloud are accessible from the Web so you can retrieve and restore them from virtually any computer anywhere in the world.

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Founded in 2005, David Friend and his business partner, Jeff, wanted to help computer users back up files more easily.Back in those days, burning information onto CD-ROMS was the only way to ensure data stayed secure without paying loads of money for online services. They decided to utilize the Internet to help people back up their computer in a more cost-effective manner by creating Carbonite. Since then, Carbonite has successfully backed up more than 300 billion files and restored more than 20 billion.


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Today, Carbonite uses the cloud service to automatically back up files while the customer is using his or her computer. There are five different options, ranging from Home for only $59 annually to Business Premier for $599 annually. Carbonite is both Mac and Windows compatible and can work with multiple computers and external hard drives at a time. For consumers, there are three options, Home, HomePlus and HomePremier. The basic option will back up unlimited GB on one computer for $59/year. Home includes automatic backup, easy access from anywhere and easy life recovery. HomePlus, for $99/year, includes the standard amenities and includes external hard drive backup and mirror image backup, which is an identical copy of the computer’s hard drive. Finally, the HomePremier, for $149/year, tacks on an automatic video backup and the Courier Recovery service. This service will ship a copy of the consumer’s backup in the mail. Carbonite, as a small business itself, wanted to offer benefits for other small business so they now have two different options for those with multiple computers, hard drives and NAS devices. Business is only $229/year and includes automated backup, easy access and file recovery, a web-based dashboard, video backup, valet install and is HIPAA compatible. BusinessPremier gives its users everything included in the Business package, as well as unlimited window servers for $599/year. In addition to all of its computer services, Carbonite’s customer service is US-based, so customers can call, chat on the website or e-mail every day of the week from 8am to midnight. They value customer support and want to ensure that their clients are getting the help they need when they need it. The company also encrypts files with 128-bit Blowfish encryption before transmitting the files to one of their data centers using Secure Socket Layer technology to ensure that files are nestled safely within the servers. With as much as Carbonite offers, it is not wonder why they received the Silver Stevie Award. The easy to use program with features that other online backup services fail to offer and the world-class customer service team aided in putting this site on the map.

Carbonite offer codes for small and medium businesses an easy-to-use, affordable solution to safeguard valuable business data and files by automatically and securely backing them up. Carbonite saves time and money, provides extra protection for a business’ files, and, most importantly, makes retrieving files quick and easy.
The basic Carbonite Small Business plan provides 250GB of back-up space to share among an unlimited number of computers, external hard drives and NAS devices. If you need additional storage space, you can add more space any time.
You can start backing up all of your company’s computers, external hard drives and NAS devices in just minutes with Carbonite’s quick and easy start-up protocol. You also can keep track of all of your entire company’s backup status through one, easy-to-use browser-based dashboard.
Of course, Carbonite encrypts your files which are stored at one of its highly secure data centers. Since your files are stored in the Cloud, you can access your own backed-up files whether you are at home, in the office, or anywhere else with an internet connection. Other great features enable you to restore all of your backed up files with ease; and you can make changes to files worry-free since you can always roll back to previous versions of your files.
Carbonite has instituted safeguards to ensure the consistent security and protection of your files and data. Carbonite focuses on five areas of critical importance to assure its reliability: (1) highly redundant disk drives, (2) hardened data center facilities and best-in-class operations, (3) specialized system monitoring software, (4) world-class network security and encryption, and (5) transparent access to your backup status.
Finally, if there is still a problem, Carbonite offers US-based world-class customer support whenever you need it.

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